16 Aug 2011

Today was one of those rare, head-spinning days full of surprise that smacked us upside the head before work is supposed to kick in. The news of Google acquiring Motorola for $12.5 bajillion dollars is sure to be oft-recalled for the next couple of years and at every upcoming mobile conference.

Naturally, Twitter tipped us off right away, quickly followed by a phone call from Wall Street Journal seeking commentary. Soon after, clients wanted to craft statements about what it all meant, and reporters wanted to chew the fat with them about it. And tonight, you can just feel the electricity around the globe as everyone tries to sort out what it all means. My fave post so far is MG’s thoughtful piece on the topic.

It’s the kind of news that makes us happy to have this job and be in this industry.

Eager to see how it goes.

*Term coined by Urban Airship, a MIGHTY client

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